Bañadores Lisos para Hombre | TURBO

Bañadores Lisos Hombre

This Turbo swimsuit is specially designed for swimming. Its adjustable pattern makes it adapt perfectly to the curves of the body. It is resistant to pool chlorine and UV rays. And for this reason, the intensity of its colors is maintained with repeated use over time.


It is considered one of the most resistant swimsuits in the world.


Notable features:

  • - Reinforced seams
  • -Adjustable cord
  • -Chlorine resistant
  • - Durable colors
  • - Composition: 55% PBT polyester, 45% polyester


Recommended use:

- Perfect swimsuit for swimming practice as a training swimsuit. Thanks to its great adaptability to the body, it does not drag water when swimming and makes it a very comfortable option for daily use.


*This item is sized similarly to other brands and we recommend choosing the same size as is usually worn.